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Photograph of Giovanni Anselmo

Giovanni Anselmo

Anselmo’s work Untitled (1992-2021) was installed at La Ribaute in the summer of 2021. He describes the work as follows:

“In this work, the painted canvas, a physically static form of artistic expression, pivots in another direction. Here painting escapes the vertical pull of gravity through the placement of different colored stones atop a grouping of white canvases. To summarize, the meaning of the work can be expressed with the term ‘lightness’.”

Letter from Anselm Kiefer to Giovanni Anselmo (July 2021):

Dear Giovanni,

I arrived in Barjac yesterday and saw your sculpture in the house built for it. (…) It turned out wonderfully. The world built by the artist, the paintings, are pushed by the boulders to the ground, to the mystery of the earth that cannot be resolved by humans. And this secret radiates back onto the invisible pictures, the world itself now becomes a secret.
I still see before me your exhibition at Marian [Goodman Gallery]—when was that?—with the granite blocks hanging on the walls of the gallery.
Now I am happy to be able to see your work in Barjac, as often as I want. It is now part of my foundation and will not move from there.
It would be so nice if you could see it once here, in its environment.
Hope to see you soon.


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