Eschaton—Anselm Kiefer Foundation

Terms of Visit

The present rules for La Ribaute establish the general rules for all the persons present on the site, and apply to the following: 

– To all visitors at La Ribaute accessing the tour route. 

– To all persons having access to the meeting, reception, conference and exhibition rooms and to the various technical areas

– To persons employed on the site and to any person not belonging to the Foundation who is present in the establishment for professional reasons. 

1. Personal Conduct at La Ribaute

Any person wishing to visit La Ribaute must have an entrance ticket, which will be checked at the site’s entrance. Tickets can only be bought on the website of the foundation; no tickets are sold on the site at la Ribaute. The prices are indicated on the website of the foundation.

We ask visitors to arrive 15 minutes before our tours begin. After a tour has started, the time of which is mentioned on the ticket, the access to the site will be closed. It will not be possible to access the site and to join the group once tours have begun.

The management or its representative reserves the right to refuse entry to the site to any person who does not respect these rules, as well as to persons who are under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance. In the event that a visitor disrupts a group’s visit or fails to comply with the provisions of these rules, the Management or its representative may ask the visitor to leave the site. No refunds will be given to anyone removed from the facility for reasons mentioned above. 

In the case of a criminal offence, the Management of La Ribaute may call in the police. 

2. Access to the Site

La Ribaute is open to the public three days a week on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and seasonally from May to October with a four-week closure in the summer. The tour schedule is located on the website of the foundation. 

For security, technical or weather-related reasons, the management or its representative reserves the right to close all or part of the site or to adapt the proposed itinerary.

All the information on the calendar and the organization of the visits are available on the website of the foundation.

Special facilities are available to help facilitate our tours for people with disabilities. Please contact us via the website for questions or requests regarding this matter.  

The parking lot is reserved for visitors and is free for any visitors who hold an entrance ticket.

Dogs and other pets are not accepted, with the exception of service animals. 

3. General Rules of Conduct

Visitors must comply with the instructions of the management, communicated via the guides and staff of the foundation with regards to safety, security, protection of the works of art and respect for the cleanliness of the site. 

Visitors must be accompanied by a staff member or guide during their visit to La Ribaute. It is not permitted to visit the site freely. It is forbidden for any visitor to enter spaces that are restricted. 

Everyone is required to refrain from any action that could disrupt the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the site.  Natural areas and vegetation must be respected, and we ask the public not to pick plants or flowers. 

For fire safety reasons, smoking is not allowed on the site during public visits at La Ribaute.

Touching the artworks and installations is prohibited. 

Climbing on the structures and artworks is prohibited.

Any damage committed on the premises of La Ribaute or in the parking lot will be charged to the person(s) responsible.  

La Ribaute declines all responsibility for theft of personal objects that may be committed on the site or in vehicles parked in the parking lot. 

4. Sécurité 

If the evacuation of a building is necessary, visitors must follow the instructions given by the staff in order to evacuate the site without delay or panic. 

Children are under the supervision and responsibility of their parents or guardians for the duration of their visit on the site and in the parking lot.

For the safety of all, visitors may be asked open their bags or packages at the request of the site staff. 

Visitors must refrain from any action that could threaten the safety of people and property.

 Any incident or abnormal event should be reported to the nearest staff member immediately. 

Fire extinguishers are present on the tour route, and the staff accompanying tours are trained in fire safety measure. Visitors are asked to report any fire outbreak immediately to the foundation staff.

The public is informed that, for security reasons, the site is under video surveillance. The tours may be videotaped and recorded for security measures only.  

5. Photographies et Vidéo 

Photographs and video recordings are prohibited on the tour route and in the pavilions. 

It is forbidden to record or photograph the staff and guides accompanying the tours. 

All requests to take photographs must be authorized by the management.

For all press requests, it is possible to make a request via our website.