Eschaton—Anselm Kiefer Foundation

Artists at La Ribaute

In 2014, Anselm Kiefer invited Wolfgang Laib to create a permanent installation at La Ribaute. Laib’s large-scale installation, From the Known to the Unknown—To Where Is Your Oracle Leading You, marked a significant moment in the evolution of La Ribaute. By welcoming and integrating works by other artists into the complex fabric of his studio-estate, Kiefer continues to facilitate new collaborations and conversations with artists whom he admires. Since 2014, responding to Kiefer’s invitation, Laurie Anderson (2018), Valie Export (2019), Giovanni Anselmo (2020-2021) and Monica Bonvicini (2022) have created permanent, site-specific installations at La Ribaute.

Wolfgang Laib

Wolfgang Laib creates sculptures and installations where the past and present seem to be at one. He uses organic materials of great simplicity and symbolism, usually associated with the idea of subsistence, including materials such as pollen, milk, beeswax or rice. Ritual plays a central role in his process of formal reduction and is part of his modest aesthetic.

Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson is one of America’s most renowned and daring creative pioneers. Best known for her multimedia presentations, innovative use of technology and first-person style, she is a writer, director, visual artist and vocalist who has created groundbreaking works that span the worlds of art, theater, and experimental music.

Valie Export

A pioneer in film, video and installation art, valie export has produced one of the most significant bodies of feminist art in the post-war period. Her groundbreaking films and performances in the 1960s and 1970s introduced a new form of radical, embodied feminism to Europe, examining the politics of the body in relation to its environment, culture and society.

Giovanni Anselmo

Considered to be one of the key protagonists of the Arte Povera movement at the end of the 1960s, Anselmo has continued to pursue and explore his practice in relation to nature, the finite and the indefinite, the visible and the invisible.

Monica Bonvicini

Monica Bonvicini emerged as a visual artist and started exhibiting internationally in the mid-1990s. Her multifaceted practice investigates the relationship between architecture, power structures, gender and space. Her research is translated into works that question the meaning of making art, the ambiguity of language, and the limits and possibilities connected to the ideal of freedom.